About KJ

KJ Dye (Kaitlyn) is a queer movement maker, teaching artist, community organizer, collaborator, performer, and activist that lives by one life rule, momentum. KJ is currently pursuing her MFA in Dance under a University Fellowship at The Ohio State University.

She holds a Bachelor of the Arts from Slippery Rock University of PA. Previous to her Midwest relocation, she inhabited the Seattle, WA professional world from the lens of a dancer, teacher, and administrator in addition to front and back of house manager.

KJ’s work has been presented in California, Pennsylvania, and the National American College Dance Festival at the JFK Center for Performing Arts in D.C. KJ seeks to cultivate empowering inclusive environments to promote physical prowess and artistic agency in the classroom. Her most current research is rooted in body education and that of body re-education, focusing on how external and internal landscapes inform how we navigate and form relationships to space and time in motion.